Activities to Do Based on Yogyakarta Weather

Yogyakarta, a popular tourist destination in tropical country is highly affected by the weather. The activity and tourist attractions availability depend on the condition of Yogyakarta weather on certain time. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the time of your visit to Yogyakarta.

In this article, we will give some tips about the things that you can do in Yogyakarta even during Yogyakarta rainy season. Those activities are listed below:


  • Walking between Twin Beringin Trees: this beringin trees are located near Kraton Yogyakarta and there are a lot of myths surrounding this trees. The most popular myths about this twin trees is if you are able to walk straight between the trees while closing your eyes, everything you wish for will be granted. Other myths says that you can repel bad things that comes to you once you succeed passing between this twin trees. Many people failed to do this on the first try, but after several times, you may be able to do it. If you forget to bring your own scarf to cover your eyes, there is a scarf rent for only 5,000 IDR.
  • Watching Ramayana Ballet in Prambanan Temple: this ballet is a traditional theatre performance that is held at the outdoor stage with Prambanan Temple as its background. The scenario of the play is adapted from a love story from ancient Hindu that tells about the story of Princess Shinta and King Rama. There are more than 200 actors and dancers that perform this wonderful piece. For those who love to see performance of traditional Javanese dancing with colorful and unique costume, this play is definitely a must-see.
  • Exploring the Kraton or Royal Palace: the complete name of this royal palace is Kraton Kasultanan Ngayogyakrta Hadiningrat. The king of Yogyakarta and his family stay at this palace. This place is the best place to learn about the Javanese culture directly from the people who build and keep these traditions alive until now. You can visit this palace from two entrance: Tepas Pariwisata and Tepas Keprajuritan. Every day, at 9 am, there will be different Javanese cultural shows that you can watch.
  • Hanging out around Alun-alun Selatan Kraton: this place is a great place to visit on your evening. The place is very crowded at night and most people are domestic tourists and local people who simply chilling out. Some of them will do the Beringin challenge, while the others are having culinary trip, or riding a blink ‘car’. These blink cars are actually peddle cars with the size of VW Beetle with hundreds bright lights and very loud music. You just need to pay 15,000 IDR to ride this car in one loop. One small car is able to fit 4 to 6 people.

Those activities that are described above are some of the things that you can do on your holiday in Yogyakarta based on places that are considered a must-see in Yogyakarta. There are more things that you can find in this city, and short vacation probably is not enough to cover all of them. But nevertheless, this city is indeed worth to be your vacation destination.

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