Items You Should Always Have when Going on a Trip

Are you here for business or for pleasure? That’s a great question because it will help determine what you need to pack in your travel bag. What you’d bring on a vacation is much different than what you’d bring on a business trip, but there are certain items that need to be packed away regardless of your purpose for the travels. If you’re getting ready to travel on a road trip, cruise ship, train or airplane, you can use the following tips to help you prepare.

Extra Cash

Credit and debit cards are the bees knees, except in places where plastic isn’t accepted. In these scenarios, you’re either going to have to go without or hunt around for an ATM. To prevent this issue, you need to ensure you always have extra cash on hand. You want to carry around enough to get transportation, a hotel room and/or some food. Emergencies happen, so you need to have backup just in case you can’t cover it using your trusted bank card.

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Extra Clothes

Pack more than enough clothes and underwear in case you end up stranded somewhere longer than expected. This will also be helpful if you’re unable to wash the clothes you did bring. Flights can become canceled and if you’re stuck at your destination longer than you were planning to be there, then these extra clothes will come in handy. The extra cash you brought would come in handy as well.

Translation Book

If you’re going to a foreign country where English isn’t the first language and you don’t know theirs, then you are going to need a translation book or software. There are apps you can download to your smartphone that can help you translate conversations on the fly. Some are better than others, so read the reviews and test them out before you go on your trip.

Self-Care Products

Don’t rely on the hotels to provide you with the self-care products you need for your body. You should pack along your deodorant, soaps, shampoo, conditioner and makeup. You can find cosmetic products sold at Birchbox. Make it a habit to bring these items with you, so when you’re stranded at an airport or train station, you do a quick wash up in the bathroom.

A Blanket

It can get pretty cold in airports and airplanes, so make sure you have a blanket with you. This is better than dishing out extra money to pay the flight attendant to get one. The blanket you bring should be easy to fold up and place inside of your carry on bag. So avoid taking a comforter – find a thin, but warm blanket.


You need some type of entertainment on your trip. This can be your tablet, laptop or a book. Things can get pretty boring on long flights, so watching a movie on your computer would be ideal. Netflix now allows you to download movies to watch when you’re on the go and don’t have Wi-Fi connection.

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